Atlanta is unique due to its exponential growth in the past 25 years...

Due to this population explosion the art community is fortunate to have an influx of
creativity. The art of Photography is similar to Atlanta in that it is also in the growing
stages. Unlike other fine arts like drawing, painting, and sculpture, photography
was not regarded as a true art form until the latter 20th century.

Other cities in the U.S. are rich with the arts like San Francisco, Chicago,
and New York City however they are in their mature stage of growth. There are
many aspects of the world of photography in Atlanta. The plethora of artists that
live in Metro Atlanta have many unique backgrounds. Some artists are transplants
from other cities, and others are created here in the vast network of art schools.
However they get here, many contribute to galleries, and artist communities
that are scattered around the city.

In 1999 Atlanta Celebrates Photography, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) arts organization,
was co-founded by Corinne Adams, Suzanne Katz, and Susan Todd-Raque,
as a means for providing support for and nurturing photography in Atlanta.
Its annual event guide is a source of information of all the doings going on in
Atlanta in the fall each year.

However Atlanta is not only rich in its art communities, the large metropolitan
area provides unique evironments to fuel a photographers needs. Historic Roswell
is a photography hotbed for amatuers and proffesionals alike. One of the oldest
areas in Metro-Atlanta it contains many Civil War era structures and cemetaries.
However if people is your prefered subject matter than Little Fives Points can not
be beat with its diversity and unique population.

Vickory Creek in Historic Roswell

Key Figures in Photography

People in the News

Atlanta Based Photographers

Galleries and Venues

Atlanta Photography Group
APG is unique in that they hold regular discussions about photography and they manage a gallery at the Tula Art Center.

Women In Focus
Founded in 1993, WIF is a non-profit, artist-driven group of talented women photographers in the Atlanta area.

Atlanta Photographic Society

High Museum Folk Art and Photography Galleries

The Showcase School of Photography

Commercial Photography in Atlanta

The American Society Of Media Photography