The Art Gallery

Like a museum, is a space specifically designed to house and exhibit art for the public. While most museums maintain a permanent collection for public display; a gallery houses different exhibits often in line with the niche of the art work they display. Some galleries are non-profit while a commercial gallery is a gallery that is designed with goal of selling and displaying to the public. It is here through the gallery and auctions that artwork develops a value. It is through this that later people, museums, and galleries can determine the worth of their art. It is interesting that making art available for the public has always existed and it is even more interesting to explore the recent explosion in the amount of commercial galleries and their ever-changing involvement within an art world. In Atlanta, many galleries are starting to join together to provide interesting events for the public like ATLart and Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Through exploring different neighborhoods, one can see a trend in area specific galleries. Galleries also help by organizing fundraisers, craft events, and pin-up shows turning and pushing the wheels of the local art scene.


A venture or an initial attempt, especially outside one's usual area

We go to visit...

artworksthumb_copy.gif A foray to the juried show at Artworks off Howell Mill Road -- A plethora of fine art and decorative objects.

AveryGalleryfrontphoto_001_1_.jpg A foray to the Avery Gallery in Marietta -- A full service art business specializing in historical painting and objects d'art.

A foray to the Avisca Fine Art Gallery - the Marietta gallery with a focus on emerging African American and Caribbean artists

youngblood_copy.jpg A foray to the Young Blood gallery in Cabbagetown. -- Venturesome contemporary art exhibits and a cool art boutique.

bottlecon.jpg A foray to the Contemporary Art Center of Atlanta (April 14th, 2006) | 2006 "Artist's Survival Skills" Workshop: Contemporary Foray

CbumsArtFarmExt.jpg A foray from the past - Remembering Atlanta's ARTFARM Gallery

headercon.jpg A foray to Foundation One Gallery in Decatur -- A Graphic Design/ Communication Company who is eager to promote local Artists in the city

minisalt.jpg Saltworks -A brief profile, Saltworks is a commercial venue that is dedicated to contemporary art.

A Short Historical Look

1957 - Judith Alexander set up the New Arts Gallery exhibiting work by such important contemporary artists as Jasper Johns, Franz Kline, and Ad Reinhardt to Georgia in an attempt to educate regional collectors. Closes 1964

1963 - Gudmund Vigtel becomes director of the High Museum. Vigtel through the 70's encouraged a lot of contemporary artist exhibits featuring names like Andy Warhol, Hans Haacke, Eva Hesse, Robert Morris, and Claes Oldenburg. Vigtel also brought experimental artist to feature shows at the High. Other museums in Atlanta followed suit and more contemporary exhibits never before in Atlanta were being made.

1965 - David Heath starts one of the city's first well-known contemporary galleries, the Heath Gallery, that exhibts many local and international artists that get many reviews by experianced critics. Closed 1998.

1973 - Jim Frazer and John McWilliams set up the Nexus Gallery to feature local photographers which later involves the interests of the pioneering alternative gallery run by the Atlanta Art Workers Coalition (1976-82). Later this development leads to the Nexus Gallery becoming a contemporary art venue and also art book press.

1977 - David Heath publishes the first contemporary art journal in Georgia, Contemporary Art/Southeast, in order to promote art criticism in the region. Atlanta Art Workers Coalition begins to send out out Atlanta Art Workers Coalition Newsletter also encouraging valid art critiscm in Atlanta.

1978 - Judith Alexander set up the Alexander Gallery to show southern folk art. The gallery showed artwork by Ned Cartledge, Carlton Garrett, Mattie Lou O'Kelley, and Nellie Mae Rowe. Alexander later closes, but the Barbara Archer Gallery carries on the goal of promoting southern folk art.

1981 - Atlanta Art Papers, later Art Papers, was established and is still a nationally known contemporary art magazine.

(from the New Georgia Encyclopedia)

More Information Resources on Commercial Galleries
A recent attempt to link up some of this commercial gallery scene was undertaken by a trade organization. The Atlanta Gallery Association started in 2004, hosting ATLart[04], a 16-day citywide art event featuring 70 exhibitions and nine events at multiple gallery and art space locations. They repeated the event in early '05. They have promised an even bigger event for their '06 event. Please take a look at thier site if interested in attending or more details. The AGA is a non-profit membership organization of galleries exhibiting ranges from mid-18th century through 20th century American and European paintings and prints to early modernist and contemporary painting, sculpture, photography, crafts, glass and conceptual installations by regional, national and international artists.
ATLart gallery members list
An art resource website maintained by Hilary King bringing together a huge number of links to many of the different aspects of the arts in Atlanta. Also a link to includes Hilary King's personal blog with information and reviews about different shows in Atlanta.
Eric Schneider blogs about local shows, thoughts on the Atlanta art scene, and collecting photography. This is also a great resource with links networking different artist in Atlanta.

a contact list for some Metro Atlanta Galleries