A workshop or studio, especially for an artist or designer.

With the huge boom in "loft" apartments in tdou'd think Atlanta was filled with artists studios and ateliers.
In fact, there are not many artist studio spaces in the city. (Who really wants the smelly, dirty reality of a studio in their tiny apartment, anyway?)


There are a few, easy to find listings. Some of these places are live, working, professional environments where artists go produce art.
Most are open to visitors, but you should most certainly call ahead to see if visitors are welcome. Most artists studios are not to be
found at Atlantic Station. They are tucked away behind some buildings where the rent is cheap and nobody says much about the
paint on the floor, or loud noises in the wee hours of the morning.

articon_copy.gif Artisan Resource Center -This converted factory is located in Marietta.
It's home to a diverse group of artists working in a variety of mediums.

ASI-interior-tn.jpg Art Space International - an artist community inside a 22,000 square foot space located in Atlanta's Photo District known as Intown West on Huff Road (near Howell Mill). This artist community houses over 30 artists with their own creative workspace and private galleries.

englishavion_copy.gif English Avenue Yards -More than just an alternative space...
This is a place where culture, politics, networking, & media are combined.

bcomplex.gif The B Complex -The newest group of studios in Atlanta.
This is a space where a diverse group of artists rent space and unleash their ideas and art.

roll.gif Rollingstone Press -Known wide and far for its commitment to lithography.
They're also home for their other styles of printmaking.

bottlecon.jpg The Contemporary -Probably the best-known gallery/studio space in the city.
Nexus Press produces books which are considered works of art, not just something to read while on vacation.

Gallery.jpg The Atlanta Artists Center -They offer classes and sketch groups.
Probably the oldest organization of non-government supported groups in the Southeast.

aca.gif Georgia Artists Registry -A library of Georgia artists slides, resumes, etc.

artsinatl.gif Arts in Atlanta -An online listing of links to sites for artists.


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