The Art Press

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This is a partial survey of the Art Press within Atlanta, including criticism on current shows.
This page will be devoted to network of critics that are in Atlanta, and links to sites that continue to network the art groups and worlds within Atlanta.

A link to texts by some press art Critics in Atlanta...

Art Papers is Atlanta's art magazine. It is international in outlook, and regional in scope. For their 25th anniversary, they mounted a selection of art and issues that the magazine has covered in the past on their website at

>>>Foray to ArtPapers Art Auction icon.gif
-- our people infiltrate as volunteer waiters and bartenders.

Gary Motley, ex-president and board member of Art Papers, tells all in email interview.

Online Art comment and collation


The Arts in Atlanta site:

The Arts In Atlanta
This site is a major network of links to the inner world of the arts in Atlanta run by Hilary King. The site has a similar subdivision of networks that this site has. However, her site is much more elaborate. The network of links points to every aspect of artistic diversity within the metro area. These areas include, Art Centers, Educational Facilities dealing with the arts, and Art Festivals.

The purpose of reviewing the critics of Atlanta is to understand their style and interests within the main network of galleries that operate within Atlanta. These critics represent a strong foundation for getting the word out on outstanding local artists or visiting international artists. Since this collection of reviews of shows is small so far the point is to see how they relate to the network of artists that live and operate here in Atlanta.

A new entry to the art press scene in Atlanta, Deconform exists in print and online versions.

Artists' Books, 'Zines and Comics

Related publications that cover art activity and include artwork includes "'zines," the limited edition photocopied compilations associated with the punk rock music scene. A good selection of these can be found at Stickfigure Distribution (est. 1992), open only on Saturdays.
Comic books and graphic novels have become an increasingly important art medium. Some of these small press products can be found at Criminal Records in Little Five Points. An active publisher of small "craft comics" is Top Shelf Productions in Marietta.