A Changing Skyline

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Around Atlanta, the red clay soil of Georgia is never still. Construction and deconstruction are continuous processes, as the sprawlingest city in the country keeps on growing. To be sure, Atlanta has a dramatic skyline including important buildings by Philip Johnson and Marcel Breuer, as well as numerous hotels by hometown John Portman. Architectural History is always being written in Atlanta due to the constant expanding, changing, and evolution of our skyline and sprawling city.
Interior of The Mariott Marquis, designed by John Portman

Georgia Architecture Exhibits

Celebrate Architecture! Renzo Piano & Building Workshop November 12,2005 - April 6,2006
High Museum of Art

Owens-Thomas House at the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah

Male Academy Museum in Newnan Gerogia provides local architecture tours.

Georgia Architecture Colleges

Georgia Institute Of Technology
Savannah College Of Art And Design
Southern Polytechnic State University

Architectural History

Building is a part of Georgia's past, present, and future. The visible face of the built city is constantly changing and evolving, like the rich history of this southern state. The architectural history of Georgia can be broken down into five periods:

Antebellum Period - 1783-1860
Victorian Period - 1850-1920
Suburban Historicism - 1920-1935
Emerging Modernism - 1930-1950
Modern and Postmodern - 1950-2000

(from the New Georgia Encyclopedia)