All or Nothing Tattoo is a local tattoo shop located off Windy Hill and South Cobb Drive in Smyrna.

The manager is Brandon Bond. they have been working hard for the last few years to establish a clean and well respected tattoo establishment and art space. though they are small and alternative, they succeed in bringing some of the hottest and rising artists from the Atlanta and surrounding areas. Even when they are not holding an event, they have a permenent collection of artists within the shop, and artist who have joined in their objective and have left some memorabilia behind.

We visit All or Nothing Tattoo Parlor...

As most alternative spaces go, All or Nothing looks different from the front door to the backroom. the walls are painted a deep and sensual red color. there are leather couches and extravagant diplay boards for the flash ( or wall art tattoos) portfolios and a glass case for the piercing jewelry. covering almost every inch of the walls is framed and proffesional art from all around the south east. some are for sale and others are not. even the bathrooms are no safe haven from the art. all of the tattoo artisys are accomplished artists as well as successful tattoo artists.

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