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What you should expect to see while here in Atlanta.

The advertising community in Atlanta, has many areas of interest. And with the city of Atlanta and its suburbs having been largely developed in the past 20 years, advertising is one visible art world that brings on development and grows with development through time. Quote: "Arts goal can be seen as a slightly modified version of branding. Without a marketplace, the art world could not survive." (Todd Woodlan; The Branding of Art; Deconform Magazine; Volume 2.1; Fall 2005)


A brief history of advertising in Atlanta:

The basis to big corporations being made in our great country.
Just a few of the companies and icons we see that have been around for some time: Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A, Georgia-Pacific, and Bellsouth. These are a few companies that have come to be the businesses we see today in the southeastern market. Just recently, as a pattern of corporate identity and expansion, we have corporations like Turner Broadcasting and the Atlanta-Journal Constitution in Atlanta that have moved what we see today in mainsream media, selling and buying in advertising. With the big changes in demographical markets and computer development in recent years, we have started to see big strides in the way we, as "Americans", market towards one another. Example: whether it is a business or a service, Turner Broadcasting and it's affiliates represent a huge share of the market in all of North America's media coverage while they're news media covers the whole globe. We see it here more than anyone else because we have a wealth to lots of information sharing and media access. Advertising is a big share of media's revenue and profiting. In respect, atlanta is an great location for information based advertisers, service based advertisers, and organizations representing the immense group of professionals.


History on Individual Advertisers:

Not just in Atlanta, but helps the entrepenuer if he wants some tips to suceed.

Shepard Fairey --- A Wikipedia Site
Creator and mediator of the ever noticable "Andre the Giant" and Obey Giant scheme

Raymond Loewy
An Industrial Pioneer that moved "Mainstream" into place


Advertising Agencies in Atlanta:

Use these to get to some great websites.
The Hauser Group

Representing Georgia and Abroad]]

Georgia Companies and Clients

A Very cool site, please browse, they have represented everyone under the smog

Lucas Design & Advertising
Go to portfolio/advertising

Important Links in Advertising in Atlanta's History:

Use Wisely. Enjoy!

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Deconform Magazine Arts & Advertising in Atlanta
Atlanta's Underground Art & Music Scene

Obey Giant
OBEY/GIANT What else can I say? Definetely Propaganda Engineering.

History of the Big Chicken in Marietta, Georgia --- A Wikipedia Site
The Big Chicken is an Atlantan and Southern Trademark. Chicken is a major source of the southern economy

Georgia Council for the Arts
Huge site, don't get lost!

International Advertising Association
The whole reason this section could be here

American Association of Advertising Agencies
Advertisers in the greater 50 States

American Advertising Federation
American Advertisers go here!

Advertising Age
The Industry Leading Magazine

Online Advertisement Platform
The Leading B2B Trading Site

American Institute of Graphic Arts
Without Graphic Artists where would we be?